Celebrity Brand Marketing

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Our firm provides unparalleled insight and access to the Entertainment Industry as a valued and respected insider for ALL brands looking to integrate celebrity and influencer relations into their media and marketing campaigns. We come on board as your “in house” “out of house” consultant and become the driving force for spearheading these campaigns for your business through Ideation, Activation and Promotion of your existing celebrity partnerships as well as strategically find and deliver new ones that meet your brand’s long and short term objectives.

We will navigate between the world of Entertainment and your Brand by making key introductions to secure or amplify valuable and profitable Celebrity Partnerships, Wrangle existing Talent, Define and Execute the Media Relations plan, provide Original Digital Content Creation for Social Media, orchestrate Events around your Product Launches, provide Media Training, Key Messaging, access to Speaking Opportunities, Conferences, offer B2B and B2C Tradeshow support and more. Through accessing the world of celebrity and creative talent we build you a platform that is exciting, sustainable, accountable and has a strong ROI.

We also look at the term “celebrity branded integration” to mean helping creative talent across the board to specifically work with them both personally or professionally expand their offerings into the areas of fashion, beauty, lifestyle accessory, spirits, business, tech and more. Our unique experience and understanding in that market helps you bridge those worlds, position you as a thought leader and innovative creator in other sectors and get in to orchestrate these campaigns that create buy in, influencer reach and attain new credibility in that marketplace you wish to enter. Through product launches, celebrity seeding, sponsorships, key partnerships, gifting, event activation, trade and consumer publicity, trade shows and more, we help you learn about these new markets, media train you to become that leader in the new space you wish to conquer.

And for those looking to branch out into advocacy work and become an “actorvist,” our firm also prides itself on creating a multi-layered platform for our clients that allows them to advocate successfully for causes important to them. Whether we are partnering you with a charity you care about, getting you in front of the changemakers who will help you navigate public policy waters or help you start your own, we help you become the change you wish to see in the world.

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