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We are new player in this space. It is very exciting. When we started this it was from our love of Lifestyle, Art and Design. When we pitched our first client, we knew that we were outsiders looking in. After we signed him, a  friend in the area told me after first hit for that client was in Architectural Digest, “Wow, way to set the bar high!” But the truth is we know no other way. Being in life and in this business of PR and Marketing for so many years we still know what works and if it works it sells. And we definitely do that. We have all the contacts and relationships you need to both launch, revamp and maintain your emerging or established brand. We also have relationships in so many other sectors that if you want in, we can get you there under one roof. Ours.

We are willing to shake up the industry and say to you that there is more than “one way.” In fact we believe that your industry is changing and you need another way. You need someone who is going to look at you and your brand through a wider and fresh lens and know that that not only do you need your ‘niche,’ but to survive you need access and entry to other sectors to allow your business to continue to evolve and grow with these changing times. Our deep experience in the entertainment and celebrity sectors, lifestyle, health and wellness, technology, entrepreneurialism  and more is your entry to a much larger view of both your brand and for you. Heightened brand awareness and visibility results when you not only hit your existing customers but use combined media and marketing expertise across verticals to convert new customers and expand your reach in multiple sectors.

 One of our top design clients told us that they came to our firm for three reasons:

  • We understand creatives. We do. Because we are you. We know how you think, and we know how important your creation is to you. Our work and passion is reflected in the strategic counsel, media and marketing you receive.
  • We things through a wider lens and know that this is more than a just niche play.  
  • Because we are very selective in our choice to represent creatives, if we work together, we will immerse ourselves in your business, as your “out of house,” “in house” consultant go deeper and be more insightful about learning about you to tell your untold story, help you rebrand to create a new one, or just be your partner in navigating your world to bring you curated media opportunities that will highlight what you create, define who you are and make a name for you in the process. 

Look no further than the launch of our client Roric Tobin of Roric Tobin Designs, as a top interior designer to innovative furniture designer with his own custom made-to-order line. His brand book here: Roric Tobin Brand Book

We offer: top tier Public Relations Strategy and Tactics, Messaging, Event support for Product Launches, Trade Show Support (examples: ICFF, Art Basel, DIFFA, High Point, NYC x Design and more…Launches), Art Installations, Awards Submission, Speaking Opportunities, Events, Meet and Greets, Media Training, Partnerships, EPK’s, Original Content Creation for Social and Digital Media, Web Sites, Social Media Support, Traditional and Digital Media Relations, Trend Stories, Global thought Leadership, Advertising, Sponsorships, Celebrity Branded Integration and more.

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